The GateHill House In Stony Point, NY

Colonial / Residential

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The GateHill House sits on two acres of forest land.  The property is unique in that it is tiered at multiple levels.  This created an open canvas for sculpting the landscape.  The house itself sits on ledge rock and is nested below the front yard.  The property adjoins forest land on all four sides, giving the house a seclusion to the outside world.  With the sound of running water coming off the mountain and trickling through the landscape and the wild birds that abound the property, as has been said, “It’s like a slice of heaven here”

The interior of the house has an old world charm feel to it with some modern amenities here and there.  The house went through major reconstruction that I completed in phases starting in 2008.

The property is maintained on a dally basis and ready for production, whether its for filming or still photography.



  • Rooms are currently furnished and ready to use if desired.  The bringing in of additional furniture and props is certainly allowed.
  • First floor has open doorways and one 5 ft. pocket door that separates the kitchen from the living room space.
  • Rear Outside covered Porch overlooking forest below.
  • Two working fireplaces for wood burning.
  • Two bathrooms for crew use if needed.
  • Wireless internet.
  • FAX machine available.
  • Permits are not required.




  • 200 amp electrical available through Service Panel in Lower Level with additional 100 amp Sub Panel.
  • One outdoor 50 amp Generator Power Inlet Box.


Parking and Storage


  • All of the set props, equipment and trucks may be left overnight if desired at the owners risk.
  • The breaking down of production sets at the the end of the day is not a requirement.
  • The Driveway has a parking area in which trucks can park.
  • There is a large parking lot right up the road at the Beaver Pond Campgrounds for cars,  large trucks,  catering vans etc.



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