Castle Road, Piermont NY

Colonial / Residential
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 The property on 1 Castle Road, Piedmont NY 10968, is a 19th century stone castle. It sits on 18 acres of land. The castle itself has 9 bedrooms, 1 library, billiard room, parlor, great hall, two open terraces, 14 working fireplaces, and a huge kitchen. It has been restored with new paint, new furniture, but the essential historical details still remain.
The Castle also has a great lawn with sprawling green grass, a huge fish pond, swimming pool and a rose garden. On the same property we have a small country style cottage and a horse barn. It also has a huge driveway, so parking is not an issue.
It is available all year through, except June, July & August (from memorial day till labor day). We don’t have any time restrictions etc.
Castle A
Castle C
Castle B
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